Here you will find details of our support service. For the latest information please visit the support forums.

Ninja PCs are built to give you a high level of reliability. If something should ever go wrong in the first year (we don’t think it will – Nah – No way – un-lik-eley!) , you can call our hotline, leave a message and one of our support staff will call back to help (um, not him on the right...).
Failing that, if we agree that your machine was made on one of those days with an ‘R’ in it, in one of those months where everyone was on holiday, when it was raining, and all the planets were aligned (in other words there is a definite hardware fault), we will instruct you to return the machine to us for inspection. If we find a fault we will provide you with an equivalently specified machine or refund you your money along with your carriage costs.

This man is NOT, I repeat, NOT employed by Ninja PC

What is this 'blue screen of death' you speak of? Let it show itself and we will see who dies!


Here's the process :-

  • E-mail the technical support department at: support@ninja(removethisbracketedbit) Supply the machine ID / serial number information.
  • The technical support staff at Ninja PC® will decide on the best course of action for complete customer satisfaction.
  • Ninja PC customer's computers that are within warranty will have defective parts replaced with the same or equivalent part at no cost. Any other part replacement that is different from the original configuration must be purchased at cost.


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