Watch it! thats real sharp! handle with care! as we do with every one of our computers

Mission Statement

Ninja PC aim to bring you, the discerning consumer, a potent PC at an affordable price. Not only this, but Ninja PCs are different to the average PC. Ninja PCs are designed to be the epitome in style as well as performance. With graceful lines, quality construction, lighting, and a colour co-ordinated finish, Ninja PCs are a joy to behold and use, as well as being the envy of your peers.
Ninja PCs also have the unique benefit of a customized look and feel. Windows has been tweaked to immerse you in a whole new user experience. Choose your theme from amongst a selection of hand picked designs, selected to compliment the appearance of your Ninja PC.
We think you’ll agree with us, that there is nothing to compare with Ninja PC. Order yours today!

About the Company

Ninja PC is a young and ambitious company. Its founders are a couple of computer enthusiasts with a long history working with computer hardware and software. This pedigree means that we know what makes a good PC. We select only quality chassis and components and have added a dash of our own Ninja PC magic and finesse into the mix. Each Ninja PC comes with its own serial number and birth certificate.
The term Ninja PC comes from the geek term for a cutting edge, powerful machine. Here at Ninja PC we feel that the PC has yet to fully escape from its beige box blandness to take pride of place alongside other consumer electronics that are stylish, fun to use and fit for 21st. Century demands. This is where we come in. As keen gamers, who like to hold the odd LAN party or two, we have put together specifications for machines that will look good as well as perform well and not bring shame to your clan.
Join us in the vanguard of computer evolution!

Service and Support

Unlike other sellers who provide you with the minimal level of service, here at Ninja PC we go the extra mile.
We make sure that all the software on our machines is totally LEGAL and we provide all the original system disks and licences in a handy wallet. We also make sure that Windows is fully patched with the latest security fixes before it leaves the assembly plant. Peace of mind.
Ninja PCs are built to give you a high level of reliability. If something should ever go wrong in the first year (we don’t think it will – Nah – No way – un-lik-eley!) , you can call our hotline, leave a message and one of our support staff will call back to help.
Failing that, if we agree that your machine was made on one of those days with an ‘R’ in it, in one of those months where everyone was on holiday, when it was raining, and all the planets were aligned (in other words there is a definite hardware fault), we will instruct you to return the machine to us for inspection. If we find a fault we will provide you with an equivalently specified machine or refund you your money along with your carriage costs.

Support Ninja PC!

If you believe in the Ninja PC revolution you can become a friend of Ninja PC (how cool to have a Ninja friend!) You can donate money for special membership (and discount) and a selection of banners you can put on your website. You can also just sign up for the Ninja PC newsletter and receive a special certificate which will be the envy of your friends.Ninja PC - unstoppable
Join the ranks of Ninja PC today! Send us an e-mail at sensei@ninja(removethisbracketedbit) for more details.

Also watch out for special promotions and events in forums and newsgroups.

Ninja PC is coming your way! Maybe not today, maybe not tomorrow, but sometime SOON, stealthily, quietly, lethally! Just when you least expect it – like a Ninja in fact!
(cough – ahem – yes, you’d gathered that hadn’t you!)


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